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WHY SHOULD YOU OUTSOURCE YOUR COMPANY'S BOOKKEEPING?                                                                                                              
TIME - Would you rather be entering expenses, checks, bills, reconciling statements, running payroll, etc. or making company decisions, working with customers, making your business run efficiently and profitably.... growing your business?
Do you want to hire, train, manage, pay benefits to, provide office space to and resource technology or pay a qualified firm to handle it and possibly help you with your company growth?
CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND - Are you completely comfortable with you or your staff having your books accurate and complete for the tax accountant, the loan officer, etc. or would you feel better about someone with the training and experience doing this?
MODERNIZE & STREAMLINE - Your company's operations revolve around the accounting and financials of your business.  Is your solution integrated and moving your operations forward by including:
  • Integrating your accounting software with your bank and credit card accounts
  • Getting paid online
  • Electronic and paperless accounts payable
  • Electronic and paperless employee expense reimbursements
  • Paperless records management system
  • Accounts receivable monitoring - no late payments
  • Time tracking/project tracking software
  • Specialized industry software for professional services, contractors, inventory, law firms, etc.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
PROTECTION - Are you protected from internal errors due to inexperience or lack of training, or from fraud by one person having too much control?  A qualified bookkeeping firm with a contract in place to protect you legally and errors & omissions insurance in place can help protect you.  You still maintain control by approving payments or signing checks and all without divulging secure information like banking credentials.
POWER - Would you like to have clean, timely and meaningful data so that you can have the reports and insights you need to manage and grow your business?
WHY QUICKBOOKS ONLINE?                                                                                                                                                                                      
Work securely from anywhere, on any connected device, and sync files in real time for simultaneous use.  Never worry about saving files to an external
device.  QuickBooks Online is always backed up and accessible, no matter where you are.
The cloud automatically updates your software to the latest version, so you always have the most current features.
The average business uses 18 apps to enhance its QuickBooks solution. You can choose from over 400 apps, each designed to help you overcome a unique business challenge.
WHAT IS TAX PLANNING?                                                                                                                                                                                            
Using TaxPlanner Pro software which syncs with QuickBooks Online we can project what your taxes will be for the year at any time during the year based on what activity you've had year-to-date, what estimated taxes you've paid and are projecting to pay, and projecting that information out through the end of the year.
Using this app we can identify a list of strategies available for you to take to significantly reduce your taxes prior to getting with your tax preparer.
It will do this for both your business and personal taxes if you desire.
WHAT ARE APPS AND WHY DO I NEED THEM?                                                                                                                                                       
The design of QuickBooks Online is to provide the basic accounting software needed to run a business and focus on being the best at those basics.  
Because it is in the cloud, Intuit can then allow other third party companies to develop applications (apps) that can sync or connect with QuickBooks Online and pass information back and forth.  This allows the companies to develop apps that will enhance the overall bookkeeping/accounting process.  These apps can be found in the QuickBooks App Store.
There are over 400 apps that add to or enhance the process in areas such as tax, CRM, inventory, payables, documents, receivables, commissions, security and others. The combination of QuickBooks Online and these apps is very powerful.
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