Management Reporting

Are you able to get the information out of your accounting system via management reports that you need to monitor your business and help you make decisions to grow your business? Is your bookkeeper/accountant offering to get you these reports and able to provide them? Is your bookkeeper/accountant offering suggestions and explaining the data on these reports to help you manage your business? All questions you should be asking. Read in more detail about management reporting here...

How These 6 Trends in Technology Will Revolutionize Accounting

I've only been in the bookkeeping/accounting world as an entrepreneur for a couple of years, but already there have been some big changes. The number of apps developed for connecting to your accounting software or for use in your practice has more than tripled. Bank feeds alone have reduced the time and eased the ability to code and categorize transactions. But hold on to your hat. The affect on speed and simplification, and the repercussions of some of the new technologies coming is almost blinding. Here are six trends you need to be aware of, both as an accounting services provider and a business owner seeking these services. Read here...

Tokens vs. IDs and passwords

Chase Bank is at the forefront of implementing a new technology that will be useful, as I see it, in many ways eventually. But immediately it will allow small businesses and their accounting software, whether that is in-house or through a bookkeeper/accountant to have an easier conversation with their bank accounts. No more hooking a bank account to accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero to allow for the automatic downloading of transactions by using an ID and password sign-on. Instead, the small business will be able to give a token, a connection 'key' to the software, bookkeeper, accountant, etc. to allow them access to their bank transactions. In this article, Liz Scott goes into

Job Costing is Essential for Small Businesses

Once you have your business established legally, with a presence (website, etc.) and you have obtained your first few clients, where do you go from here? There are many decisions still to be made on an on- going basis like am I really pricing my proposals correctly or do I need to change, or do I need to expand/change my sales force or product mix, or is this client profitable... do I need to fire them. With most of these decisions you need to know what a job or service costs you in order to make the correct decision. In this article, Stephen King describes the different financial pieces of a small business, what job costing is and why it is essential, Why Job Costing is Essential for Small

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